Coaching and Advice

Not only have I lived the BDSM life for many years but I bring experience of coaching / mentoring and advice to those starting out or to the seasoned kinkster.

The type of assistance I offer falls into these two categories:

1. Coaching and Mentoring and Advice for persons new to BDSM or for the not so new who wish to talk through anything that may be on their mind. Navigating this world can be tricky and I offer an experienced and non-judgmental ear. You may talk to me about absolutely anything! I do not blush easily.

2. Financial Guidance and General Advice but especially debt counselling. I do not offer financial advice or other recommendations as to specific financial products. But I can signpost you to appropriate organisations who will do so (and I will explains the Do’s and Dont’s)

I spent many years working with Citizens Advice in the areas of Debt, Employment, Housing and Consumer Rights. My services attract NO commission or other payments from third parties. Any income arises from the fee I charge you. So you can be assured my advice and counselling is impartial and designed solely to help you and you only.

Depending upon your location I can arrange to meet you in person or if you prefer via Skype, FaceTime etc.

Advice sessions are structured as follows:

1. An initial ‘in person’ (face to face or Internet) consultation of 30 minutes for you to explain to me what is on your mind or troubling you.
2. In my own time I consider your options and prepare a plan for you to follow. And you had better do as I tell you!
3. A further 30 minutes within one week for me to explain and what you agree you will do and accomplish before our next communication.
4. Depending upon your ability to pay, we repeat the above three steps monthly until such a time as we agree you have achieved the goals set.

The above is no more than outline of how I am able to work with you. Please email me for further information and I will give you my initial thoughts by return.

My fee is £50 per hour.