Equisite Punishment

What do you need, what do you crave, what are those sensations you so badly want to feel?  I know the answers and I am the one who will make that experience or fantasy real.

Corporal Punishment is My speciality.  For those who are unsure, this means using floggers, paddles, straps and of course canes on various parts of the body, although your backside will always be My favourite target.

It exhilarates you to be told to, “Drop you pants and bend over”, exposing your bare buttocks.  The anticipation which starts days before W/we meet.  Your nervousness as you approach My study to report your misdemeanours and to hear what punishments will be exacted.  You are both excited and apprehensive.  Will it be an over the knee spanking or full-blooded caning or something in between? I will decide what you deserve.

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Copyright @ Lord Fen Studios

Copyright @ Lord Fen Studios

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